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Living abroad certainly is a great opportunity, which comes with difficulties and challenges.

First of all, bilingualism is a fascinating journey, but most parents face doubts and fears.
And we all know how hard it is to pass on values and traditions of the Italian culture while living far away from their own country.

This is why we created Talia e la Valigia delle Idee: to support Italian and bilingual families in London!

We offer a wide range of events and activities throughout the year to entertain and empower your family, encouraging your children to learn and practice Italian through play, storytelling, drama, music and sensory activities.

And if you are not based in London don't worry: we are currently offering online sessions too!

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What we offer

What other parents say about us

It’s nice to have someone who teaches the rhymes and songs of my childhood to my little one… I had forgotten most of them and it’s a sweet recall for me as well – I definitely recommend this playgroup!



We never managed to go to in-person sessions but I joined few online sessions and Leonardo and I absolutely loved them: good energy, nice facilitator, engaging and super friendly!



Lovely playgroup to support bilingual families in our difficult task of encouraging children to speak Italian! Lovely teachers, full of enthusiasm and good vibes.  I love their creativity.