What We Offer

Italian activities for bilingual children

Raising a child abroad comes with joys and challenges.

Many studies show that bilingualism is an asset and a wonderful gift for our children but we know from our own experience how hard it can be to keep up the continuous exposure, input, and interaction in the minority language.

What we do is offering you and your children fun occasions to speak and listen to Italian, creating a positive connection with the language.

And don’t forget that through language we pass on knowledge, collective memory, cultural and social values.


Our Offer

Based in London, we offer a wide range of events and activities throughout the year to entertain and empower your families, encouraging your kids to learn and practice Italian through play, storytelling, music and sensory activities.

Italian Playgroups

Playful and interactive weekly sessions, online and in-person

Aimed at children aged 0-4, our Italian Playgroup is a great opportunity for repeated language exposure, while getting familiar with traditional and original stories and rhymes.

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Italian Drama Classes

Creative and fun drama lessons, online only

Il Teatro in Valigia project aims to connect children to the magic of theatre, improving their expressive and communicative skills in Italian through play and acting, stimulating their imagination and spontaneity.

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Italian Workshops

One-off thematic workshops 

Children have the opportunity to practice Italian, boost their vocabulary and improve their expressive language skills while discovering Italian traditions and cultural heritage. Our Italian Workshops will be back as soon as it is safe.

Italian Events

Parties and one-off events for the whole family

It all started with our Italian parties, back in 2015! We have always loved to celebrate traditional Italian festivities, as well as international occasions such as Mother’s Day and Father’s day. Our events, open to the wider Italian and bilingual community, will be back as soon as it is safe.